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Our Services


Photo & Video

It's never been easier or more affordable to offer aerial photography and video services to your clients. Whether you're creating content for your client's social media accounts, maintaining their website, or producing their video content, we're here to provide you with top notch aerial assets.

Real Estate

Using aerial photography and video in your listings makes it easier than ever to gain an advantage over your competition. We'll help you to better showcase your listings using the latest in drone and 3D imaging technology which translates into faster offers, happier clients and more referrals.

Roof Inspections

Periodic roof inspections prevent minor defects from becoming costly structural repairs. Complete your survey quickly, safely and cost effectively by having it completed by drone. Options are available for one-off service or repeated inspections at predetermined intervals.


With first hand industry experience, Hudson Valley Drones knows how to simplify your adjusting and claims process. We've got the resources to quickly and safely provide you with the information that you need to best help your policyholder.

Engineering & Construction

Acquiring an accurate aerial rendering of a construction site has never been simpler. Whether you require aerial photos before and during a project, want to accurately measure job site progress, or map several acres of land before development, we've got the tool and know-how to make it a reality.

Emergency Services

Planning to make your agency safer, more efficient and more effective by leveraging the latest in drone technology? We can help. From concept and design to training and implementation, we'll be with you every step of the way.


Monitoring crop health in real-time helps conserve resources and improve your bottom line. Save time and money using drones to autonomously collect the information that you need to determine how to best support your crops.

Education and Consulting

As with any new technology, there is a steep learning curve to becoming a proficient aerial service provider. Whether you're a beginner in the field or trying to bring your aerial services business to the next level, we're here to provide you with the guidance that you need to achieve your goals.